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The towns of the Pink Granite Coast

The Pink Granite Coast is home to several picturesque towns, each offering its own charm.

Perros-Guirec seduces with its fine sandy beaches and its coastal paths, while Trégastel fascinates with its astonishing rock formations and its aquarium. Pleumeur-Bodou attracts technology enthusiasts with its telecommunications center.

Each of these towns offers a distinct atmosphere, enriching the discovery of the magnificent Pink Granite Coast.

Discover the entire region from our campsite near the Bay of Morlaix and Loquirec

The Bay of Morlaix

The Baie de Morlaix, jewel of Brittany, seduced by its enchanting maritime landscapes and its rich natural heritage. Visitors can explore its mysterious islands, such as Île de Batz or Île Callot, and discover its charming coastal villages, such as Carantec. History buffs can visit Château du Taureau, a sea fortress steeped in history. 

The Bay of Morlaix offers an unforgettable maritime experience, combining preserved nature and cultural heritage.


Loquirec, a haven of peace by the sea, seduces with its authentic charm and preserved landscapes. Nestled between the Breton Coast and the green countryside, this picturesque village offers visitors a quiet getaway, where one can enjoy the beach, seaside walks and local cuisine.


The Valley of Saints

The Valley of Saints, located in Brittany, is an extraordinary site where imposing statues of Celtic saints stand. This unique place, nestled in the Breton countryside, offers visitors a fascinating spiritual and cultural experience, while being surrounded by green and peaceful landscapes.


The Cairn of Barnénez

The Cairn of Barnénez is one of the largest tumulus in Europe. More than 6,000 years old, it testifies to the richness of the prehistoric history of the region. Visitors can explore these burial chambers and admire the architectural ingenuity of this remarkable Neolithic construction.



The Finistère, located at the western end of Brittany, a few steps from Camping de la Corniche, offers a varied palette of breathtaking landscapes, wild coasts to sandy beaches, passing through historic cities and picturesque villages. Renowned for its maritime culture, Finistère seduces visitors in search of Breton authenticity.


The Crozon Peninsula

The Crozon Peninsula, a natural treasure, offers breathtaking landscapes with its imposing cliffs, its fine sandy beaches and its wild coves. Outdoor enthusiasts will find what they are looking for here with picturesque hiking trails offering exceptional panoramic views.


The Land of Léon

The Pays du Léon is a region rich in history and tradition in the heart of Brittany. Famous for its parish enclosures and its chapels, this land offers varied landscapes, between green countryside, wild coasts and picturesque villages, offering visitors an authentic immersion in Breton culture.

The Côtes d’Armor

The Côtes-d'Armor captivate with their natural diversity and their rich heritage. With its spectacular rocky coastlines, golden sandy beaches and charming coastal villages, this region offers an ideal setting for nature lovers and history enthusiasts looking for a Breton escape. Our campsite near the Bay of Morlaix and Loquirec is the ideal base for exploring the Côtes-d’Armor.